WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro

WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro

WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro

It’s period to call due to backup! However anyone do ye name?! Introducing Snapshot, the sensible, automated, geared up on-demand time-traveler beside WPMU DEV.

He’ll snap then securely store each concerning your WordPress then Multisite backups inside his non-public astronaut vault. The backup security you necessity along with easy one-click restoration. Snapshot’s obtained you again…each time.

Provides you WordPress web site on-line automated or on-demand backups but easy one-click restoration with Snapshot.

  • 10 Gigabyte of WPMU DEV planet storage!
  • WordPress but Multisite backup
  • One-click backup and restore
  • Backup your complete web site and exact recordsdata
  • Automated each day, weekly and month-to-month backups
  • FTP/SFTP, S3, Dropbox and Google Drive

Have you ever ever taken a change as poor you web site, then been hacked or wished thou may proceed returned of time?

Snapshot creates fulfilled web site automated or on-demand backups to each provincial and star servers.

Schedule backups and authorities or prolonged ye hold them.

Scheduled Backups

Schedule automated backups and transfer Snapshot earlier than you alter a block over code, change WordPress inside then prompt a plugin.

Restore factors make that handy in imitation of try some factor present but soar returned between a coruscation proviso it doesn’t work.

Monitor or management backups beside the WPMU DEV Hub.

Hosted & Handy

Native backups are shortly but handy for shortly defeat a change, however the place in case your server goes beneath but is hacked?

Your energetic WPMU DEV membership provides thou tightly closed hosted backups together with 10GB regarding tankage or one-click restoration beside The Hub!

Mega Storage Improve, Lowest Costs Assured

Are thou a super-user alongside a mass concerning web sites then an excellent neighborhood as wishes greater than the lined 10GB? had further space on the despicable bills of WordPress assured.

Direct in accordance with the Cloud

Redundant snapshots hand over thine web site a latter kind on safety. Backup in accordance with thine provincial server, the WPMU DEV Hub but thine favorite astronaut providers.

Locations redact that easy in accordance with hold immediately in accordance with Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Google Drive then through FTP but SFTP.

Backup thy complete internet web page or select solely the paperwork so rely quantity and retailer house.

Finetune Controls

Backup thine complete site but makes use of the file for consideration selector in conformity with pick particular paperwork or hold house.

Retailer so many Snapshots as you as or makes use of rolling backups to cite the oldest backup when a latest image is created.

Create scheduled but on-demand backups of thy complete Multisite community.

What as regards Multisite?

Snapshot execute backup you complete community. It’s all the needs you amour regarding a alone WordPress set up…however as a result of Multisite.

One-click, on-demand, scheduled, native, third-party or WPMU DEV chicken backups.

Time Journey

Browse but repair snapshots from the WordPress dashboard, the WPMU DEV Hub and too manually restoration out of a ZIP backup.

Label snapshots so you might shortly uncover a novel backup level now you want such most.

Snapshot is fastened by utilizing and ready in imitation of backup you WordPress web site.

He’s Bought Your Again

Your WordPress site is efficacious, usually the procurement concerning hours on work. Even well-maintained internet sites crash out of web internet hosting hiccups but dangerous plugins.

Shield thy web site’s future alongside Snapshot or under no circumstances arrive caught alongside thy web site’s backend uncovered once more!

Product Version :

Product Last Updated : 11.05.2020

License :GPL



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